Mobile and Internet Systems Laboratory


"Build a safer and smarter future by making impacts to the real world" is the motto of our group. The mission for the MIST group is to investigate system support for building next-generation Internet-scale distributed applications. Specifically, we are exploring the following three directions:

  • Energy-Efficient Computing Systems and Software We study enabling technologies to build future energy-efficient computing systems by exploiting the cross-layer hardware/software co-optimization and reducing the extra overhead resulted from software, ranging from mobile devices to the ultra-dense severs for data centers.
  • Big Data Systems We investigate systems support for big data storage and processing. In this context, we are interested in robust and optimized resource and system management in terms of node behaviors, failures, power, and large-scale data processing requirements.
  • Edge Computing We investigate enabling technologies for computing at the edge of Internet, such as edge video analytics for public safety and vehicles, connected health and smart home. We also examine how information and communication technology (ICT) can help improve energy, water food sustainability.

These projects encompass a set of approaches from fundamental research through prototypes, up to real usable systems.Our research has been partially sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Department of Veteran Affairs, Air Force, Gates Foundation, Michigan Life Science Corridor, Intel, HGST, Chrysler, and so on. Ph.D. students working the MIST group are actively collaborating with industry partners, such as Alibaba, Baidu, IBM, InterDigital, NetEase, Nokia Bell Labs, etc.