Doctoral Students

Masters Students (Thesis)

Visiting Students/Scholars

11.Yan Hu

10. Youdong Chen

9. Congfeng Jiang
8. Xiaohong Zhang
7. Yiling Quan
6. Yulong Shen
5. Xuejun Li
4. Huixian Li
3. Liaojun Pang
2. Hui Liu
1. Junzhao Du



   16. Jie Cao (Ph.D., August 2018, Assistant Professor at Eastern Michigan University)
        Dissertation: SOFIE: A Smart Operating System for Internet of Everything

   15. Quan Zhang (Ph.D., January 2018, Salesforce.com)
        Dissertation: System Support for Stream Processing in Collaborative Cloud-Edge Environment

   14. Lingmei Ren (Ph.D., May 2016, Assistant Professor at Shangdong University of Science & Technology)
        Dissertation: Human Body Fall Detection Techniques

   13. Youhuizi Li (Ph.D., January 2016, Assistant Professor at Hangzhou Dianzi University)
        Dissertation: System Support for Energy-Efficient Mobile Computing

Hui Chen (Ph.D., November 2015, Amazon)
        Dissertation: User-Centric Power Management for Mobile Operating Systems

   11. Lingjun Fan (Ph.D., May 2014, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
        Dissertation: High-efficient On-chip Memory Architectures and Application Optimization
        Co-advised with Guojie Li

   10. Grace Metri (Ph.D., April 2014, Intel)
        Dissertation: Energy Efficiency Analysis and Optimization for Mobile Platforms
        Co-advised with Monica Brockmeyer

    9. Shinan Wang (Ph.D., February 2014, Simens)
        Dissertation: Software Power Analysis and Optimization for Power-Aware Multicore Systems

    8. Yong Xi (Ph.D., November 2012, Amazon)
        Dissertation: Location Privacy in Emerging Network-based Applications

Tung Nguyen (Ph.D., August 2012, Intelligent Automation Inc.)
        Dissertation: System Support for Genomics Computing in Cloud Environments       

    6. Guoxing Zhan (Ph.D., April 2012, Google)
        Dissertation: System Support for Robust Data Collection in Wireless Sensing Systems

    5. Zhengqiang Liang (Ph.D., January 2010, Microsoft)
        Dissertation:  HOURS: Harmonic and Universal Resoruce Sharing in Distributed Environemnts

    4. Zhifeng Yu (Ph.D., December 2008, Senior Enterprise Architect at Volkswagen Group of America)
        Dissertation: Toward Practical Multi-Workflow Scheduling in Cluster and Grid Environments

    3. Safwan Al-Omari (Ph.D., December 2008, Senior Software Engineer at Nokia)
        Dissertation: Petra: Toward Dependable and Autonomic Networked Sensor Systems

    2. Kewei Sha (Ph.D., November 2008,  Assistant Professor at University of Huston Clear Lake)
        Dissertation: Orchis: Consistency-Driven Data Quality Management in Sensing Systems

    1. Hanping Lufei ( Ph.D., July 2007,  Paypal)
        Dissertation: Fractal: An Application Level Protocol Adaptation Framework for Heterogeneous Environments


    14. Sheng Tan (M.S., August 2018 )
         Thesis: Pedestrian and Speed Detection in Autonomous Driving

    13. Javad Roostaei (M.S., June 2018, Quantifly)
         Thesis:  IoT-Based Edge and Cloud Computing for Smart Environmental Engineering Applications

   12. Jingwen Zhang (M.S., March 2015, EMC)
         Thesis:  PLUS: A Personlized Literature Recommender System

    11. Guisi Ni (M.S., August 2014, Google)
         Thesis: Appurtenant: Enhancing Completeness and Efficiency of Bidirectional Patient-Physician Communication Using Automatic Speech Recognition

    10. Mingyang Xu (M.S., July 2014, Ph.D. study at NCSU)
        Thesis: A New Approach for Palm-Dorsa Vein Identification

    9. Ruining Sun, (M.S., May 2014, AT&T)
        Thesis: SemiHybrid: A Nature Language Assisted Approach to Developing Mobile Applications

    8. Harish Balasubramanian, (M.S., February 2014, ELEKTROBIT Automative)
        Thesis: Performance Analysis of Scalable SQL and NOSQL Databases: A Quantitative Approach

    7. Dajun Lu, (M.S., January 2014, Amazon)
        Thesis: PULSE: A Framework for Power- and Energy-Efficient Analysis for Data Centers

    6. Soumyasudharsan Srinivasaraghavan, (M.S., February 2012, Valeo Inc. )
        Thesis: PASCALYPTUS: an Power-Aware SCheduler for the EucALYPTUS Framework

    5. Chenjia Wang (M.S., July 2009, Revstone Industry )
        Thesis: Panther: A Middleware-based Post-Disaster Communication System

    4. Brandon Szeliga (M.S., July 2008, Lockhead Martin)
        Thesis: DiSK: A Distributed Disk Cache for Data-Intensive HPC

    3. Jayashree Ravi (M.S., December 2005, Xede)
        Thesis: Accelerating Personalized Web Content Delivery Using Edge Services

    2. Yonggen Mao (M.S., August 2004, EDS)
Performance Evaluation of Peer-to-Peer Web Caching Systems

    1. Sharun Santhosh (M.S., August 2004, Intel)
        Thesis: Factoring File Access Patterns and User Behavior into Caching Design for Distributed File Systems

Undergraduates (research)

    5. Raymond Lemon (Wayne State University)
    4. Delyan Raychev (Facebook)

    3. Jacquline Brown (IBM)

    2. Tony Cutway (Sylvania Schools)

    1. Daniel Brodie