Current Projects

        BIDS: Big Data Systems

Wizard: Disk Failure Avoidance, Prediction and Recovery for Large-Scale Storage Systems

Porcupine: A Benchmarking Suite for Cloud File Systems
        CEDAR: Center for Edge Data Analytics Research

Firework: Big Data Processing in Collaborative Edge Environments

Sofie: Smart Operating Systems for Internet of Everything
EdgeCOPS: Edge Computing for Public Safety

OpenVDAP: An Open Vehicular Data Analytics Platform

SaCCiD: Empowering Smart and Connected Communities in Detroit

Intel IoT Innovators Lab

Energy-Efficient Computing Systems and Software

pTop:  A process-level power profiling tool
span SPAN: A Software Power ANalyzer
Bugu Bugu: An application-level power profiler and analyzer for mobile devices
PORTAL The POweR- and Thermal-Aware computing Laboratory at Wayne state University
greenappsGreen Your Apps Initiative 

Past Projects

HOURS Harmonic and Universal Resource Sharing in Computing Communities  (2007-2014)

aPET: An Adaptive PErsonalized Trust Model for Non-cooperative Sharing

SensorTrust: A Resilient Trust Model for Wireless Sensing Systems

FLAW: Failure-aware Workflow Scheduling

Opera: Open Reputation Architecture for Scheduling

CloudAligner: A MapReduce-based Cloud Sequence Mapping tool 

Orchis  Data Quality Management in Networked Sensor Systems (2007-2011)

SERVICE:SEcuRe Vehicular Computing Environment (2006-2010)

Fractal  A General Framework for Dynamic Application Protocol Adaptation (2003 - 2007)

Cegor: Consistent, Adaptive Heterogeneous File System

e-QoS: Energy-aware QoS model for Application Sessions across Multiple Protocol Domains

Adaptive Encryption Protocol in Mobile Computing

CONCA  An Architecture for Dynamic and Personalized Web Content and Nomadic Access (2001 - 2004)

DYCE: Model-based dynamic Web content Emulator

PACE: Personalized Email Management at Network Edges

DyCA: Accelerating Dynamic Web Content Delivery using Automatic Fragment Detection 

WebTACT: A  tool for Web traffic analysis and characterization

          Tuxedo: A Peer-to-Peer Cooperative Caching System

CANS@NYU  A Composable Adaptive Network Services Infrastructure (2000-2001)

JIAJIA@ICT  A Software Distributed Shared Memory System (1996-2000)