WebTACT: A Web Traffic Analysis and Characterization Tool


Rebuilding the HTTP flows from the sniffed trace is a very important step to understand the today's WWW (HTTP) traffic, including dynamic Web content and peer-to-peer traffic.  To the best of knowledge, WebTACT is the first open source tool to reconstruct the total HTTP flows, including header and object parts,  from tcpdumped data.  WebTACT could be used to analyze HTTP traffic characteristics from dumped TCP traces.

Our approach

WebTACT  is a free software developed at Mobile and Internet Systems Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University.  It is developed under KDveloper IDE, on Linux Redhat platform. It is written using ANSI C++(g++ compiler).  The key features of WebTACT include:

Currently, WebTACT can extract the following important information from the traces collected by tcpdump :  

      All these characteristics will be exported  to the text format output file. The output file could be analyzed and got statistical results.

Related Publications

Zhaoming Zhu, Yonggen Mao, and Weisong Shi, Workload Characterization of Uncacheable HTTP Traffic,  in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE 2004), July 28-30, 2004, Munich, Germany. (A full version is available at Technical Report MIST-TR-03-003). (short paper accept rate: 32%)


Yonggen Mao, Zhaoming Zhu, and Weisong Shi, Peer-to-Peer Web Caching: Hype or Reality?,   in Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conferences on Parallel and Distributed Systems, July 7-9, 2004. California. (A full version is available at Technical report MIST-TR-2003-004). (accept rate: 33%)   



You are encouraged to send me an email (weisong@wayne.edu) after your downloading, so that we can keep track of who is using our software.  If you have any problem, you can contact weisong@wayne.edu.